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At InConsult, we know there are many pressures and risks facing your organisation. has a number of integrated modules and features that work together to align key activities, allow collaboration of key groups and improve the transparency of risk, audit, compliance and incident information across your entire organisation – no matter how large or small. 

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Our Services include: empowers risk managers and every business manager across all business units to identify, record, assess, quantify, control, manage and monitor their risks. Whether it is a strategic, tactical, financial, environmental, regulatory, project, WHS or operational risk, helps ensure consistent application and delivery of risk management information and processes across your entire organisation.

Some risks could impact the long-term survival of your organisation. allows you to document business continuity risks and response strategies on a risk-by-risk and scenario basis. This feature is perfect for crisis management, business continuity management and information technology disaster recovery management. has a comprehensive audit module that enables true risk-based auditing. After business managers have identified their risks and controls, auditors can use this information to develop audit programs to test the existence and effectiveness of controls.

Regular self-assessment and control checklists enable people in an organisation to evaluate their internal control structure and general compliance, while also promoting effective and efficient business practices. Chrcklists can strengthen controls, improve compliance, and eliminate many potential audit findings.

Non-compliance with legal requirements is a major risk. allows you to set-up a range of compliance programs, process notes and reminders to support compliance with various regulatory requirements.

Incidents are lead indicators to potentially larger risks. allows you to record all issues and actual incidents, conduct a root cause analysis, develop treatment plans and link incidents to areas to improve the quality of future risk assessments.

Conduct risk assessments in accordance with legislative requirements.  Produce Safe Work Method Statements. Record WHS incidents and accidents.

Powerful workflow capabilities allow users to set up automatic email alerts and reminders to help get things done on time to meet internal and external compliance requirements.

Information is always at your fingertips. From interactive multidimensional risk heat maps to risk profiles. has over 40 standard reports and the ability for users to write their own reports.

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