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Welcome to GuardianERM

Helping organisations leverage from technology to drive sustainable risk management initiatives.

What if you could take your risk management, compliance, incident management and audit activities, identify common integration points and provide a platform for them all to work together? is an award-winning risk management system trusted by leading organisations to integrate, automate and streamline the key processes that support better practice risk management in line with ISO31000 and good corporate governance. enables you to:

  • Comprehensively manage and analyse enterprise-wide risks
  • Manage and co-ordinate regulatory compliance obligations
  • Manage vendors and contracts
  • Develop business continuity response strategies
  • Perform a wide range and types of audits
  • Deal with a range of incidents and issues
  • Track progress of various activities
  • Easily view your outstanding or upcoming tasks
  • Automatically send reminder emails
  • Produce real-time reports to key stakeholders

Risk Management on Demand

We aim to deliver the best risk management software to help you manage risks, compliance, incidents, third parties and audits. is a web-based system,  conveniently delivered to you and your users on demand using the latest and most secure cloud technology. All you need is a web browser on your computer or device, an internet connection and you’re ready to start using also supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for account integration and can provide API and Webhook integration to simplify your organisation’s Risk Management ecosystem.

Risk Management

Identify, record, assess, quantify, control, manage and monitor a range of enterprise-wide risks in accordance with ISO 31000.

Business Continuity

Document your immediate response strategy (crisis and communication protocols) and longer term business continuity strategy.

Audit & Assurance

Auditors can evaluate risks and controls, develop audit tests, plan audits and assign specific auditors and budgets.

Compliance Management

Establish specific regulatory compliance programs to demonstrate compliance to a range of regulatory requirements.

Incident & Issues Management

Incidents are lead indicators to potentially larger risks. Record all issues, complaints, near misses and incidents in one system.


Create a range of registers to record and update important records. This can include Conflict of Interest register, Policy Register or Training Register.

Vendor Management

Enhance third party visibility and build a vendor inventory to manage vendor risks to improve due diligence and compliance.

Contract Management

Keep all your contracts in one secure location and develop contract management plans with periodic automatic reminders to monitor important tasks.

Work Health Safety

Conduct workplace risk assessments, produce Safe Work Method Statements, perform WHS audits and record incidents.


Regular self-assessment and control checklists enable people in an organisation to evaluate their internal control structure.


Many things in risk management, audit, compliance and incident management require things to ‘get done’. Track to completion.

Reporting & Analysis has real-time dashboards, over 40 standard reports and the ability for users to write their own reports. is "Powered by InConsult", a leader in risk management, business continuity, corporate governance, audit and assurance consulting and training solutions.

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